Tuesday, August 26, 2008


about 20 months ago - around the time i broke up with my ex - i made a decision to do away with our cable tv - no one was watching (at that time there was only gravelboy and i at home) and it was a waste of money - we had the internet after all and spent way more time online than on tv watching

the day before the olympics began i tuned a little (and i mean little - 14" maybe) tv into our main news channel and started watching the olympics - and a bit of the news

with the olys well and truly over i decided to watch a tv program last night (new aussie one called city homidcide) - never again - my tv is off and here's why

- i get a headache from the constant noise - commercials louder than programs (no remote) and there's a constant buzz that continues on after i've turned it off
- actually - on the buzz thing - i've noticed that my tinitus has been worse over the last few weeks than in the last year
- headaches! yikes! - maybe the strain of trying to see something on the small tv - but i don't get them watching stuff on my iTouch so go figure
- i can watch what i want on my computer or iTouch - no commercials
- crappy tv
- do i really need to view all those commercials
- did i mention crappy tv?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


goth boy is unique ... no question