Wednesday, April 8, 2009

there's just something about a flashmob

having been part of one (very small one) they are exciting

take a look at this one

Sunday, April 5, 2009

pancakes and flashdrives

gravelboy and i got up early to take spacie to teh train and stopped off at maccers to pick up some hotcakes for breakfast (6am drive through only) (for non-kiwi mcdonald's users - ours have pancakes on their breakfast menu)

gravelboy likes his pancakes and so purchased 2 lots



and ate them faster than i did mine ...

and as for flashdrives ...


L to R

  • won @ an ICT thing - 1GB - i use for when i want to print photos @ the local photo printing place

  • 8GB from bestbuy in the US - on sale for US$20 - use for everything

  • 1GB that i got cheap from harvey norman (bought one for everyone) which spacie seems to have used for her assignments - even though she already has one!)

  • 2GB with a linux OS on it that i haven't been able to run successfully on my macbook ... sigh ... one day

  • 1GB tomato flash that's been formatted as OSX and therefore runs super fast in transferring files between my iBook and MacBook

  • at school i also have another couple of flashies ...

    long story short ...

    ever since i got back from Montana i've been having problems with my nokia 6121 - not major problems - just annoying problems such as a time lag between clicking on "new text" and the text screen coming up (and when replying as well)

    last week while home sick i was checking out when they had a special "FREE" deal - only pay freight on a 1GB Transcend MicroSD Card - that was something i couldn't pass up since i only had a 512MB card in my nokia

    2 days later a parcel arrives - i open it and in it was a 2GB Transcend MicroSD Card - the invoice with the parcel stated a 2GB although my emailed invoice stated 1GB

    having fiddled around so i could transfer the data from the old card to the new card (i basically downloaded it into a folder on my macbook via bluetooth) i inserted the new card and hey presto - my problems have disappeared!

    i wasn't sure if the problems had occurred because of extreme temps or something else - still not sure why they occurred as my card memory wasn't maxed out ... but it's nice to have it all working swiftly again ...


    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    geocaching ....

    my trusty sidekick and i went out geocaching today


    sidekick and view of kapiti island through the trees


    some of the travel bugs we left in the cache

    then we went to Paraparaumu and visited the "sustainable something or rather fair"

    i was rather taken with this:


    and this is the same at a distance


    and to top off this post here are a couple of sunset pix:

    thursday night from my balcony


    last night from the beach area