Friday, June 13, 2008

spiderwick and exploding toasters

just finished watching The Spiderwick Chronicles - ; - and was racking my brain trying to figure out exactly what is was about the boy that was tapping on the inside of my brain ... i ended up doing an IMDB search to figure it out - it was his soft speaking voice that was nagging ... and IMDB produced the fact that he was Charlie in the Tim Burton movie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which i saw with my kids a few months ago ... ding ding ding

and as for exploding toasters ... i'm up in bed (early i know but i've got a nasty pinched nerve that's throwing my leg out at teh moment) and i just heard a loud bang ... and then dead silence ... and more dead silence ... i yelled downstairs to find out what the heck had just happened and gravelboy yelled back up that gothboy (new son) had just blown the toasted sandwich maker up - thereby toasting the toaster ... seems he'd caught the power cord inbetween the toasting bit when he closed it and the BANG was when the plastic coating melted through to the wiring ... gravelboy was going to turn it all back on again to see if it worked!!

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