Sunday, October 5, 2008

iTouch and Jailbreaking

so yesterday i decided to jailbreak my iTouch - nothing illegal about it - just not supported by apple!

back in the days when i was a windoze user i was forever tweaking my computer themes ... now i can do that with my iTouch

here is my original homescreen


bog standard as you can see

now - take a look at my current (new) homescreen


isn't it just prettyful ... note the brown cydia icon and the winterboard icon - they're part of the pwnage

and now ... drum roll ... how do you like my starting screen (which normally has a battery indicator)


it's actually animated and is actually the hardest screenshot to get (as it only shows when locked)

note too the name in top left hand corner - it no longer says iPod ...

so - waddaya think - cool or no?

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