Tuesday, July 8, 2008

iPhone or not to iPhone

i made a decision a week or so ago that given the rumours of horrendously priced plans for the iPhone via the NZ Vodafone network that i wouldn't get an iPhone - rather i'd go for a 16GB iPod Touch that i managed to score for $510.00 - which was that price because there was a label stuck on the back of the iTouch with that price on it - it's an older version and doesn't have the new software ... but ... then i discovered that there were some funny white light areas (pixel problems) and took the iTouch back the shop technician who phoned RED (apple wholesalers) who said they would replace it (standard for pixel problems apparently)

so here i am - i paid $510 for last years model of iTouch and will end up with this years latest model (normally $599)

and then today the pricing plans for iPhone came out ... so let's look at them

8 GB phone on iPhone 250 (120 mins/600 txt/250 MB) = $80/month & $549 for phone
16 GB phone on iPhone 250 (same as above) = $80/month & $699 for phone

8 GB phone on iPHone 500 (250 mins/600 txt/500 MB) = $130/month & $449 for phone
16 GB phone on iPhone 500 (as above) = $130/month & $599/phone

8 GB phone on iPhone 1GB (600 mins/600 txt/1 GB) = $250/month & $199 for phone
16 GB phone on iPhone 1GB (same as above) = $250/month & $349 for phone

now let's work out the total prices given that all the above is on 24 month contract!

total costs over 24 months will be:

iPhone 250
8 GB = $2469
16 GB = $2619

iPhone 500
8 GB = $3569
16 GB = $3719

iPhone 1GB
8 GB = $6199
16 GB = $6349

iPod Touch
16 GB = $599 (ok $510 for me) (8GB is $449 and the 32 GB is $749)
Current prepay phone (motorola Razr V3X) ~$35/month (i usually top up when i get down to ~$5 probably every 5/6 weeks)
total cost over 24 months including the cost of the iTouch = ~$1250-1350

hmm ... let me see ... which one should i get????

should i mention that my motorola takes videos (unlike iPhone)?

the only thing i don't get out of my motorola and my iTouch is the GPS (and i own a GPSr anyway)

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