Saturday, July 12, 2008

a time of frustration

i hate having to say something negative about apple but here goes:

i have an iPod touch (yeah i know - you all know that) and an iBook and a MacBook - i'm a fan of apple

BUT - in spite of NZ getting the iPhone first we didn't get the firmware 2.0 upgrade first - today has been a time of frustration trying to upgrade - first it said no upgrade needed 1.1.4 was latest; then a few hours later it said new upgrade available - but clicking the upgrade button got me (and others no where); now it's saying 1.1.4 is latest again - even though on the NZ app store page there's a link to buy the new upgrade ...

screenshots as proof:


clearly saying upgrade is available


the pop up that came next - clicking on 'learn more' resulted in one of two things - a return to the page as per first screenshot or ...


sigh ...

then i tried going another way and went to the NZ ipodtouch appstore page


which clearly shows that it's available ...

but clicking on that link took me back to the page shown in first screenshot but now it says:


and when i click on the update button i get:


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