Sunday, April 5, 2009

pancakes and flashdrives

gravelboy and i got up early to take spacie to teh train and stopped off at maccers to pick up some hotcakes for breakfast (6am drive through only) (for non-kiwi mcdonald's users - ours have pancakes on their breakfast menu)

gravelboy likes his pancakes and so purchased 2 lots



and ate them faster than i did mine ...

and as for flashdrives ...


L to R

  • won @ an ICT thing - 1GB - i use for when i want to print photos @ the local photo printing place

  • 8GB from bestbuy in the US - on sale for US$20 - use for everything

  • 1GB that i got cheap from harvey norman (bought one for everyone) which spacie seems to have used for her assignments - even though she already has one!)

  • 2GB with a linux OS on it that i haven't been able to run successfully on my macbook ... sigh ... one day

  • 1GB tomato flash that's been formatted as OSX and therefore runs super fast in transferring files between my iBook and MacBook

  • at school i also have another couple of flashies ...

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