Sunday, April 5, 2009

long story short ...

ever since i got back from Montana i've been having problems with my nokia 6121 - not major problems - just annoying problems such as a time lag between clicking on "new text" and the text screen coming up (and when replying as well)

last week while home sick i was checking out when they had a special "FREE" deal - only pay freight on a 1GB Transcend MicroSD Card - that was something i couldn't pass up since i only had a 512MB card in my nokia

2 days later a parcel arrives - i open it and in it was a 2GB Transcend MicroSD Card - the invoice with the parcel stated a 2GB although my emailed invoice stated 1GB

having fiddled around so i could transfer the data from the old card to the new card (i basically downloaded it into a folder on my macbook via bluetooth) i inserted the new card and hey presto - my problems have disappeared!

i wasn't sure if the problems had occurred because of extreme temps or something else - still not sure why they occurred as my card memory wasn't maxed out ... but it's nice to have it all working swiftly again ...


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